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Wedding Dress Splurge: What's your Signature Bridal Style?

Every bride has a distinctive aura and flair for fashion, and your wedding day is a day when you mustn’t compromise on your dreams and your personal sense of style.

Your wedding dress must be an embodiment of the fashion that you believe in and feel most comfortable and glamorous wearing, and our Atelier is home to a delightful variety of collections to help you find your signature bridal style.

Whether you adore chic bohemian accents, sleek modern luxe, or traditional drama, you are bound to find the perfect dress from our high-end designer collections.

In our wedding blog section, we will begin by introducing some of our own collection of bridal dresses.


So, without further ado, let’s find out what your signature style is, shall we?


Timeless X Contemporary

Many modern brides choose a dress that is both a bold yet subtle statement, allowing them to sneak in some traditional elements with contemporary trends to create a blend that is timeless, innovative and intensely romantic. For brides who want to flaunt a statement that is unique, rich and super functional, we present our lead collection by high-end designer Yaniv Persy.

Persy’s designs are inspired by classic trends and timeless styles from the past, decked up with a dramatic flair for innovation and luxury. These designs are unique with their elaborately exquisite visuals, rich details and extravagant quality. Brides can ravish their bridal dreams with fine fabrics, prestigious quality and exquisitely handcrafted designs.

The avant-garde bridal statements feature fine fabrics, exquisitely hand-beaded gowns, intricate detailing courtesy of traditional artisanal practices and textiles important from fashion capitals across the globe-the perfect ingredients to turn your bridal dream into a glorious reality!


Bohemian Romance

Chic Nostalgia is a brand that invests passion and free-spirit, appealing to the tastes of bohemian brides who want to shine on their wedding day with contemporary, ethereal designs and classic silhouettes.

A bohemian wedding statement is breezy, artfully beautiful and most importantly, a tribute to classic artisanal craftsmanship of fine tailoring and hand beading techniques.

For those who seek superior craftsmanship and flirtatiously playful bohemian gowns to channel their most authentic sense of style on their BIG day, Chic Nostalgia has a lot to offer.

Their timelessly beautiful pieces are decked with meticulously hand-beaded designs, rich laces, and the finest of fabrics to create a luxurious and distinctive statement-without going overboard or trying too hard. Romantic and elegant dresses with a nostalgic charm, blended with a contemporary flair that allows the bride to be comfortable and effortlessly chic.


Classic Charm

Many brides dream of flaunting a classic wedding statement, bursting with traditional drama and a charming flair for elegance and glamour. For brides who want their silhouette to be a tasteful creation of timeless trends inspired by eras gone by, our exquisite collection by Franssical offers a cornucopia of exuberance and charm.

These whimsical and majestic bridal gowns will take you breath away at first sight, transporting you into a realm that is romantically sensual. Inspired by the home town of the designers, San Francisco, and their love for classic elements and traditional designs, Franssical provides brides with an exalting bridal collections featuring fine laces, exquisite jewels, dramatic laces and traditional hand beading techniques.

Their fairy tale-like bridal statements are right out of your childhood dreams of walking down the aisle, traditional and regal like a true princess. The designs are romantic and classic with an undeniable charm and unforgettable sensuality.


Dreamy & Whimsical

Regardless of the litany of unsolicited advice that brides get from everyone around them, it is important to make sure that you carry forward and fulfill all your childhood fantasies of your wedding gown. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled, and if you dream of a whimsical, charming and intensely dreamy statement straight out of a Hollywood wedding, our luxe collection by Lo’ Adoro will entice you with its offerings.

A premier bridal collection by Rachel Allen, Lo’ Adoro offers a high-end variety of dreamy and whimsical bridal dresses ranging from a wide range of styles that border on modern luxury, princess-style lace gowns, luxurious long-sleeved designs, bohemian drama, country-style silhouettes and even beach-friendly wedding dresses.

The variety is endless and delightfully spontaneous. The best part is, this body-positive brand has a gorgeous variety of gowns for plus-size brides and curvy goddesses.


Effortless Elegance

With an experience in bridal dressmaking sprawling over three decades, Mary’s Bridal has emerged as an iconic brand with a powerful understanding of effortlessly elegant bridal silhouettes.

While most brides go for drama, romance and traditions, many appreciate the graceful sophistication of artfully cascading and elegantly tailored bridal statements that allow them to enjoy their own wedding festivities with a radiant statement that is functional and comfortable.

Our premium bridal collection from Mary’s Bridal has a lot to offer for modern brides who want to flaunt a traditional flair for elegance with a sleek modern luxe statement. You can explore a charming variety ranging from classic sophistication, vintage drama, and modern chicness. These exquisitely designed bridal gowns feature dramatic tulle overlays, cascades of lace, artful appliqués and intricately hand-beaded V-backs amongst a lot more.


Love reading about our amazing collection? Book an appointment at our Bridal Boutique in Montreal and see it first hand! Find your dream wedding dress with an unparalleled luxury experience, only at Atelier NüStyle!

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